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Tomoe y Akura-ou

The Sword of the Wolf

The Sword of the Fox

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Much art! both my eyes and all of me are so pleased~ because Kogitsunemaru san is just perfect eye candy! If Mikazuki san is effeminate, then Kogitsunemaru san is quintessentially male.

刀剣乱舞 touken ranbu

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Devoss and the Kitsune

Risultati immagini per kogitsunemaru

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Kogitsunemaru|Mikazuki Munechika [Touken Ranbu]

Kogitsunemaru|Mikazuki Munechika [Touken Ranbu]


-blushes- Where are we going?

Touken Ranbu's Kogitsunemaru (小狐丸), or Inuyasha 2.0, is growing on me

Touken Ranbu's Kogitsunemaru (小狐丸), ain't he cute?

幕末組 加州清光 大和守安定 和泉守兼定 中曾根虎徹

This is beautiful XD

#tkrb #kogitsunemaru

#tkrb #kogitsunemaru

I really Want A Season 2 For Blue Exorcist here is a petition

~Ao No Exorcist~Blue Exorcist~Rin Okumura~

Hot anime guy with wings, who chained this guy up?? He looks so innocent! Lol

cool anime guy Fanart from Anime Paradise. cool anime guy with wings

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✮ ANIME ART ✮ I like how his shirt looks like newspaper :) i like thar effect that the artist put in there :)