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I was first drawn to his face, then his peace sign, and then my focus was brought to his jacket.

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Taehyung has been making it hard for me to stay loyal to jimin these days 😭😭😤

170922 Aladin fansign ©비아 VIA

I seriously wonder though how Taehyungie came up with the pseudo name Vante I actually really like it.


Currently my biaswrecker. I only have one bias and that's jimin but if anyone ever takes his place it's only for a day and always from BTS. Taehyung, you better take a step away from my heart before tomorrow!

Taehyung Wallpaper ♡♡♡ << Why can't I be this perfect smh o wait, I'm not an angel-A$

He always puts his hands near his head or on his head and it kills me