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Donald Trump would deport this joke

Donald Trump would deport this joke

52 Funny Simpsons Jokes That You Can't Help But Laugh At - Funny Gallery

52 Funny Simpsons Jokes That You Can't Help But Laugh At

Simpsons Jokes From Later Seasons That Are Impossible Not To Laugh At



ғσℓℓσω мє: @Rollody

ғσℓℓσω мє: @Rollody

Finally done one Fight falls new comic! this plans to have 2 other part, but I'm still doing the storyboard.

Awkward sibling hug After beating up all the gnomes. Grunkle Stan : thank goodness there's no cops in the forest I decided to call the AU "Fight falls"!

"You're still not straight I see." "Neither are your teeth but here we are."

But this was was even better.

21 Times LGBT People Hilariously Shut Down Homophobia

She actually does except for the skin color and hair color, but nose shape, face shape, eye shape, and eyebrows are the same.

Found on

This girl really thought she looked like the cartoon version of Pocahontas.

Like notre page on se marre bien :) (y)

Like notre page on se marre bien :) (y)


Best Of Homer Simpson

I ain't come here to play school

Uh me

Uh me

Code Solved by Sherlock Holmes

I am both Sherlock and Watson! I literally sat and stared at this image for a few seconds and deduced that the passcode was 0179 although the door was already open due to the green light.

Funny how they were all in the same season of American Horror Story

Hold my pear

Cast of AHS: Hotel.and no Matt bomer is not in there twice

Tumblr Funny

This is peak internet~DñL

Luvvv Is Luvvv...♥♥♥

Loving someone is not a sin, I don't give a fuck what a 2000 year old book has to say on the matter. Gay people aren't hurting anyone, but your close-minded, hateful bigotry is killing others; so who's REALLY committing the sin?