Character inspiration


Freckles Are Beautiful, These 19 Gorgeous Photos Prove It… Especially

wynston shannon

wynston shannon


gonevirile: “Augustin Marlot by Anthony Julien Meyer ”


holy shit < boy male man with septum nose piercing

Simonas Pham  Simply exquisite!

Simonas Pham Simply exquisite!

pinterest // urfatherfigure

jake face ref


oh hello, Diego

character inspiration

character inspiration

theunholyboy: Henry-Pierre de Sard - F.A.T.E VIII in Mahlwinkel

theunholyboy: “Henry-Pierre de Sard - F.E VIII in Mahlwinkel ” I am so in love with this look it’s unbelievable

VIKA | Character | The Darkest Hour | Played by Veronika Vernadskaya (2011) | A young woman from Moscow who joined a group of survivors to get to the Moscow River where a submarine is waiting to take survivors into safety. | #VeronikaVernadskaya #TheDarkestHours #film

Veronika Vernadskaya as Vika in "The Darkest Hour"

"You have to stop fighting"                       "i'm fighting for you though"

His face was bloodied and bruised, and he would likely bear the scars of it for the rest of his life, but none of that mattered as long as she was here.

Perseverance is a choice.

So many. Good character reference.

Male face and hair reference

Coach being an adorable puppy                                                                                                                                                                                 More

luke draws himself with a beard -for all the haters

Could this be anyone? Cole or Demian or a different villain?

;) - minm31

Kinda looks like yuuri lmao>>going by the jacket it looks like eve Jason Todd or Damien Wayne