I think these girls tie.

Percy wins.

Jason wins😄but Percy is also cool💕

Fandom Rap Battle: Reyna vs Annabeth. Who won?

The argument about Percy beats everything.


Y the fuck did he bring Rachel into this that was just fucking wrong -R

Fandom Rap Battle: Frank vs Reyna. Who won?

Reyna cursed vut to foony Reyna you get the upper hand on this one

Fandom Rap Battle: Leo vs Frank. Who won?<< normally i'm team Leo all the way but Frank beat him

Fandom Rap Battle , Who won ?

Fandom Rap Battle: Rachael vs Annabeth. Who won? <<<<< Annabeth won. Also Annabeth kissed Percy first

rap battle rachel and annabeth

Fandom Rap Battle: Nico vs Snape. Who won? Im inclined to believe its pretty tied

Fandom Rap Battle: Nico vs Snape I think Nico won he had more to say that had to do with the books

Fandom Rap Battle: Leo vs Percy. Who won?

Fandom Rap Battle: Persassy strikes again and he's posei-done

fandom rap battles - Google Search

fandom rap battles Annabeth so won that

Fandom Rap Battle: Leo vs Nico. Who won? >> I'm really sorry baby but.....Leo won

Damn Leo, bringing up the sister, that is just wrong.

Annabeth's last line in her rap.

Annabeth's last line in her rap. XD Percy wins though

Percy won, because water actually defeats fire ;)

Oooh Percy and Leo in da house


Khione in a Rap Battle <-- Leo totally won.

i really wish rick would make another book with the percy annabeh and grover again...

True, Percy and Annabeth have always loved each other.

Fandom Rap Battle: Nico vs Hermione. Who won?

////// I think Nico did because Hermione used the wrong "you're/ your". SORRY I CANT HELP IT I'm an Athena child<< True but other than that Hermione would've won