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“Since the Enlightenment there has been a very simple but widely held assumption that we are a species of thinking individuals and human behaviour is best

radical acceleration

Radical Acceleration and Early College Entrance

A Nation Deceived - Acceleration still best for brightest students Too many high-ability children still languishing in classrooms, says College of Education report

Blog Hop: Acceleration | Hoagies' Gifted

Acceleration: it's not just about speeding up! Academic acceleration is the best-researched academic option for gifted children, and the research is overwhlemingly positive. Yet, acceleration is the least commonly used and most balked at acomocation, too.

Portraits of Gifted: Profound Giftedness- decisions about acceleration are never easy. We just want our kids to be happy and in the place that is the right fit.

Portraits of Gifted: Profound Giftedness

My two youngest children discovered stop motion filmmaking in the same way they discovered volcanos, dolphins, making pies, cartooning, and weaving. It burst upon them in an unstoppable force which.

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Abrumadora mayoría de maestros cumplieron su responsabilidad laboral en Gro, Mich. y Oax:SEP http://noticiasdechiapas.com.mx/nota.php?id=84622

"Why are American schools slowing down so many bright children?"--- One more reason to homeschool!

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Bridge Construction, Sky, Perspective, Architecture