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Tree cone inspiration! #DIY #craft #christmas

The Tree Cone Templates are Finally Ready!

Recycled newspaper tree How to be Eco Friendly | 5 Holiday Decor Ideas

This shimmering stacked tree will add a festive -- and eco-friendly -- touch to your home this holiday season. Shimmering Stacked Tree by Martha Stewart These magnificent trees can also be stacked using any leftover aluminum foil, felt, or crepe paper.

Bass Fishing

Bass fishing is a blast! Getting to spend the day on your local pond lake or river is a great way to enjoy yourself. If you are an experienced freshwater angler than you probably know what a wonderful game fish the largemouth bass can be.

Largemouth Bass Fishing Learn how to catch any kind of fish with great tips including lures and bait at howtocatchfishnetwork.com

A little knowledge about the Largemouth bass fish is important for successful Largemouth bass fishing. Largemouth bass fishes have typical jazzed strips formed by dark spots. The distinctive physical feature of Largemouth bass fish is the upper jaw.