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Saffron One of the most popular and you may want to buy from is . It is a kind of which is named as Red Gold! It is the endemic planet of Iran plateau, with a 6 purple petals, while the stigma of the flower is dried and used as spice.


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Sholeh zard. Persian saffron rice pudding. Just made this and it seems to be very true to other Iranian rice puddings I've tried. Deeeeelish!

Persian Saffron Rice Pudding (Sholeh-Zard)

Beryooni is a traditional meal in #Isfahan region. #food #PersianFood #IranianFood #cuisine #IranianCuisine #PersiaPort #RediscoverIran #Iran #Persia #Beryooni #Beryani #Beryuni #بریونی

Beryooni, Beryooni is a traditional meal in Isfahan region.


Tahchin, the main ingredients of are fillet, eggs, yogurt and Tahchin can also be described as a where layers of flavored rice and chicken beautifully form a cake with a and exterior ( in Persian).

Khoresh Gheymeh Also known as: Khoresht #Gheymeh or #gheimeh Khoresh gheymeh is one of the common #traditional stews cooked frequently in Iranian homes. This khoresh (literally meaning stew) comprises of small pieces of lamb or beef, split peas, diced onions, tomato and dried lime. It is served topped with potato fries. #Saffron is the magic ingredient added towards the end. #gastronomy

Khoresh Gheymeh, A common Persian food cooked frequently in Iranian homes and religious events., Khoresh gheymeh is one of the common traditional ste

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