I need to watch the rest of the Akito the Exiled movies since I only watched up to the one where "Julius" shows up.

Lelouch vi britania - One day your EVIL smile will make me melt to the floor, You know?

Alice AU

alice (wonderland) alice (wonderland) (cosplay) alice in wonderland animal ears black hair blue dress blue eyes brown hair c. c (rahit) cane cat ears cheshire cat cheshire cat (cosplay) code geass code geass: nunnally in wonderland cosplay de

Anime Code Geass  Lelouch Lamperouge Fondo de Pantalla

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Julius Kingsley a.k.a. Lelouch vi Britannia

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There’s a new high-res Suzaku and Julius scan for Akito the Exiled available on yande.re here.Meanwhile, if you do not mind spoilers for the third movie installment of Akito the Exiled, you can watch a ten-minute preview on youtube that has several moments featuring Julius and Suzaku. Suzaku spends most of his screen time here basically playing protector and bodyguard to Julius.Akito the Exiled Chapter 3 opens in Japanese cinemas on 2 May 2015. More commercials (but mostly with the same…

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And also Amon is a half ghoul! Tokyo Ghoul should be called ''Tokyo Half Ghoul''!!!

And also Amon is a half ghoul! Tokyo Ghoul should be called ''Tokyo Half Ghoul'' <<< Even Arima is a half ghoul :p