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I laughed WAY too hard at this, and it's really weird, but I couldn't not re-post it.

I swam for 6 hours today and I'm sitting alone in my room deliriously bursting out in tired snorts of laughter xD

Superhero Name Generator - Mine is Evil Slimy Balloon

What’s Your Superhero Name? I am the Preposterous Psychic Golden Hand.two middle names can be annoying on these things.

XD this made me laugh harder than it probably should have.

Are you aware your hobbit is missing // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

The best in fashion news

parenting - not beating your children, but make them wear crocs and justin bieber clothes so that the kids at school will do it instead

25 pc Yellow Parking Ticket Violations Novelty Gag Gift Fake Prank Sheets

Yellow Parking Ticket Violations Novelty Prank *25 Sheets

Maybe someone will be educated at Hogwarts now

Funny, but completely inaccurate, LOTS of people were educated when Harry was there.it, uhm, just wasn't Harry or Ron.