Statue of MeretAmun, Ancient  Egypt Pharaoh.

Statue of Meret Amon in Akhmim near Sohag Egypt. This statue is orginial belived to be one of Ankhesenamun during her marrige with Tutankhamun. Later surpassed by Ramesses III

Rannay, NK, Pushkin Museum

beautiful female statue of a singer of the god Amon (priestess) Rann, wife of Theban Priest Amenhotep, Egyptian New Kingdom

Meritamen ~ 33 foot colossal statue in Akhmim ~ Egypt

Meritamen (Meryt-Amen:Beloved of Amun) was a daughter of Ramses & Nefertari.Later Great Royal Wife of Pharaoh Ramses

Queen Nefertiti of Egypt.  Online Travel Agencies, Egypt Tours Packages, Egypt Cairo Holidays

The crowned head of Nefertiti, wife of Akhenaton. The sculpture was made by the famous sculptor Thutmose and was found in his workshop. Country of Origin: Egypt. Date/Period: Amarna period BC. Place of Origin: Tell el Amarna

Obilisk of Ramsis ||

Obelisco Ramses na noite - Templo de Luxor, Egipto / Obelisk Ramsses at Night - Temple at Luxor, EGYPT

Amenhotep III ~ Miks' Pics "Acnient Egypt" board @

Amenhotep III was the ninth Faroah of the dynasty. He ruled over an era which was the most artistic in Kmt history, and at the height of its international power. Amenhotep III ruled for 39 years and was known as the 'Magnificent'.

Statue of pharaoh Amenhotep II of the 18th dynasty of Egypt

Amenhotep II About two years before his death, Thutmose III appointed his son, Amenhotep II (ruled c. bc), as coregent.

Head of a pharaoh, 2675-2130 B.C.E., 5th or 6th Dynasty, Old Kingdom *

Pharaoh wearing the white crown of southern Egypt,, Old Kingdom, Dynasty 5 or Stone and Copper,

A bust of Queen Tiye carved out of Yew wood shown slightly larger than actual size.  I have seen this up close and personal during the Pharaohs of the Sun exhibit in Chicago. This piece is surprisingly small; being only about the size of a softball.

Portrait Head of Queen Tiye, Mother of Akhenaten, Egypt, Dynasty, 1382 - 1344 BCE. Complete crown not shown.

Statue of Khasekhemwy, Ashmolean Museum. Pharaoh of Egypt. Reign	18 years ca. 2690 BC, 2nd Dynasty

Egyptian king Khasekhem - List of pharaohs - dynasty. Reigned about 17 or 18 years, reuniting Egypt c 2690 BC

Enlarged Picture: Shabti Box Lid - Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery Information Centre.In ancient Egypt hawks symbolised the sky god, Horus. Horus was one of Egypt's most important gods and he was closely associated with the ruling pharaoh. This figure has been carved out of wood and then covered in fine plaster before being painted with mineral pigments. It was used as the lid for a box.

Shabti Box Lid - Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery Information Centre.In ancient Egypt hawks symbolized the sky god, Horus, one of Egypt's most important gods closely associated with the ruling pharaoh.

Egypt Before Building of the Pyramids   ~  Sept-Vikhsh (set vay-Aysh) was a son of Adam and Eve, and Shahara was the wife of Sept-Vikhsh. Sept-Vikhsh and Shahara left  Mehrgarh or (Mehr-Gahr) and settled in a place they named Kolna which closely means Beautiful, or more rightly said, Beauty to Behold. This place is what is now known as Merimde, or Merimde Beni-Salame.  This was Egypt before the building of the pyramids, and even those things which led to their design... read more:

Ancient Egyptian Statue of Ptah, 1322 BC, found in the Tomb of Tutankhamun. Ptah the Creator God started in Lower Egypt known as Merimde Beni-Salame. Set of Merimde told stories of The One True God of Creation and gave him the name Ptah.