Pierre-Louis Pierson, Scherzo di Follia (Game of Madness), 1861-67

Scherzo di Follia Pierre-Louis Pierson / The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Sally Mann - Candy Cigarette, 1989. This is actually one of my favorite photos in existence.

Sally Mann - Candy cigarette - 1989 is that a kid on stilts in the background? And I remember getting a spanking for buying that candy as a kid.


By train. by Joseph Michael Lopez A-Train, Harlem, New York City, From his series “Dear New Yorker”.

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Salvador and Gala Dali. She was Salvador Dalí’s most famous muse, the love of his life, his manager and mentor. When Gala passed in Dalí no longer would continue his art.

Нажми чтоб закрыть

Robert DOISNEAU :: French ballet dancer Catherine Verneuil in her tutu, France, 1963 classic ballerina

Robert Doisneau

hold me close.Mike Catalonian Robert Doisneau ✈ The Last Footprint ✈ Travel and Photography ✈