Sabine Weiss/ Homme allumant une cigarette, Paris, 1951-1952

For wonderfulambiguity. Sabine Weiss, Homme allumant une cigarette, Paris, (Haha, I actually smoke cigarettes while I’m waiting for the camera’s shutter to close. Thank you yama-bato!

Vitrine, Paris, 1955. Sabine Weiss

Vitrine, Paris, 1955. Sabine Weiss

"Andávamos sem nos procurar, mas sabendo sempre que andávamos para nos encontrar" Cap. 1

Andre Kertesz, "J’aime Paris, Photographs Since the Twenties,” New York: Grossman, 1974

❦ [The Girl in the Window]  La fille dans la fenêtre  Eduard Boubat 1930 paris

Édouard Boubat, Le café ‘La Tartine’, Paris, ca 1980 Things that Quicken the Heart: Black & White - Windows - Looking In, Looking Out

"A cup of tea and a cigarette; capable of curing any of the psychological damage caused that day. Mary sighed, letting the thick steam rise from her mug and wisp at her face; a plume of heat."

The Way You Hold Your Cigarette Is A Sure Sign Of Your Inner Self

BRASSAÏ :: Staircase in the Rue Rollin, 1934  [Paris de Nuit]

"Staircase in the Rue Rollin" - Paris - 1934 - photographer Brassai (Gyula Halasz).