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"Santiago El Grande" • SALVADOR DALÍ.

"Santiago El Grande" • • • SALVADOR DALÍ. - interlude

Optical Illusions in Salvador Dali’s Paintings Dali’s works are truly awesome, you can spend a long time looking at them, because there is a lot to see in each painting, plenty of little and ingenious details that make his works unique.

The Ecumenical Council, 1960, Salvador Dalí

The Ecumenical Council, 1960 by Salvador Dalí

Salvador Dalí

Salvador Dali, Dance Of The Flower Maidens, round watercolor commissioned by Castleton for plate design

THE LIVING FLOWER  Opens and closes as a lovely flower, revealing stamen and petals paved with diamonds.  The flowers, shaped as hands, reach always upward, toward the Light.   The mound of malachite, from the Belgian Congo, hides the mechanism- a simple matter of weights and pulleys- which, when set in motion by electrical impulses, brings the flower to life.    The malachite represents the unknown, latent forces; the gold and diamond flowers, known beauty and creativity.  -DALI

Salvador Dali, The Living Flower 39 x cm "Opens and closes as a lovely flower, revealing stamen and petals paved with diamonds.

Hans Kanters

Hans Kanters

Swans Reflecting Elephants 1937 Oil Painting by Salvador Dali

Looking at Salvador Dali’s Swans Reflecting Elephants I was stricken by a sudden epiphany. Who was it that first said that swans were beautiful?

Estórias da História: 23 de Janeiro de 1989: Morre o pintor surrealista espanhol Salvador Dalí

Le Sommeil (Sleep), Salvador Dali, 51 x oil on canvas