RIP Robin

A wonderful, beautiful tribute to Robin Williams. An amazing and beloved actor. He was one of my favorite actors ever and he will truly be missed. Rest In Paradise, Robin Williams.

"Never say goodbye" por eso le prometi nunca decir adios siempre el "talk to you later " porque es de las de "UNA VEZ EN LA VIDA" comprobado...###williams

"Never say Goodbye, because saying Goodbye means going away, and going away means forgetting." --Peter Pan ♡RIP Robin Williams Gone, but not forgotten!

TELMO PIPER - Re-pinta su propia infancia a partir de sus dibujos de niño

Funny pictures about Artist Repaints Childhood Drawings. Oh, and cool pics about Artist Repaints Childhood Drawings. Also, Artist Repaints Childhood Drawings photos.


kioewen: Serene Elsa A lovely official Disney concept-art sketch by Jin Kim…

gorgeous hair studies are mixed media drawings on canvas by New York based artist Brittany Schall

I can’t even make my real hair look like this, let alone draw hair that looks likethis! Upswept, long n’ flowing, twists & braids…. these gorgeous hair studies are mixed media drawings on canvas by New York based artist Brittany Schall


Belle& BnW Portrait made with and pencil, i changed this one to the grey scale mode, this is my version of disney girls. I hope you enjoy. I& be painting this later♥ Belle (C) Disney.


The character Elsa, from the Disney movie 'Frozen', drawn by skylilyart. Elsa looks so pretty and spunky in this sketch.

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Creepy Drawings | Scary girl by DetailedExpressions on deviantART

Even tough she had a blind eye she could see you perfectly clear. The women that stayed below surface lost her eye when she fought with her sibling. Now both still alive and seeking victory over the other.

Me encanto

Color pencil drawing that really has a nice contrast in color. The reflections off the eye and tear are extremely realistic Week 6