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Trump Unfortunately, this is what Trump supporters are being reduced to. So sad to witness so much hate, fear and ignorance.

The last time a population got REALLY angry with a government that didn't give a damn about them, this idiot would have been first in line for "Madame Guillotine"

Senate Republicans block minimum wage increase bill


A meme about Donald Trump vowing to unite America, except for minorities and people opposed to being punched in the face.

A campaign that started calling the critical press "fake" "liars" restricting certain reporters from rallies, allowing objects thrown and encouraging violence told us his agenda. Dismantle and make his base doubt the truth at the start.

Science trumps gods (but not dogs).

food for thought, religion is cool, just don't place everything on it

Who's only slightly more rational and less impulsive than Trump, and now we're at the mercy of two malignantly narcissistic sociopaths playing chicken. We're screwed.

Donald Trump - One of these men is a mentally unstable leader with Borderline Personality Disorder who is also an Egomaniac. The other is Kim Jong Un.