Anonymous said: hair tutorial? I’m not too sure on how to make a hair tutorial since i kinda just go the hell out with it (its really inconsistent it hurts lol).

Hair Reference

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Hairs are a pain in the rear to draw, but hopefully this small reference will help out.

Тру Художник|Уроки рисования|Арт Портреты

More dynamic poses! You can look off of it without purchase, and trace it or use the existing lineart if you purchase. +PSD file includes linearts on a separate layer. You can use them as adoptable.

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This is my basic process for pretty much everything I draw. The key is understanding the shape of the garment you’re trying to draw and the shape.

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Short hair

I never know what to draw boys hair like. :) ~ Reference to draw hair. Credits to Viria. That's rough, buddy.