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I dreamed I got to spend the day with dan and Phil and learned where they lived and they were married so yeah imagine my disappointment when I woke up

everything about this is perfect...Phil used to be ginger i his childhood, and the way Dan looked at him made it seem like he knew, and then Phil looked at the camera like OH GOD

This cheeky little twat! He knows that we know that Philly was a ginger headed freckled faced child

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Sometimes I just have a "omg amazingphil is on this earth in this timeline" moment

yes please

yes please >> does he even realise what that screenshot looks like or is he just innocently looking at his derp face

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Dan Howell and Phil Lester / danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil look at phils eyes

I need to thank whoever did this

Dan Howell as Troy Bolton :) OMG can they PLEASE remake make it and then Phil could be Chad because they are best friends