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Gladion x Moon

alolan exeggutor bag beanie black hair black pants blonde hair blurry blush cave clenched teeth cloud crobat depth of field elbow gloves exeggcute eyes closed finger to mouth gladio (pokemon) gloves hair over one eye half-closed eyes hand on ano

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He’s probably like 15 and honestly same (not the 15 thing, come on. He looks old as fuck but he’s not and it’s probably the eye bags’ fault)

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- I dont know why, but I love this guy. His smile and that pose he dose when you battle him (his hand thing)

His smile and that pose he dose when you battle him (his hand thing)<<< I don't know why but I am very attracted to him and I always seem to fall for the cross between bad boy/good boy irl

Gladion doesn't have Silvally in the anime yet, but this is still amazing!

black_fur gladio_(pokemon) highres lycanroc male_focus midnight_lycanroc moon pokemon pokemon_(anime) pokemon_(creature) pokemon_(game) pokemon_sm pokemon_sm_(anime) red_eyes red_fur silvally tongue tongue_out torn_clothes umbreon white_fur