Got jokes.

Guerrilla Marketing Papa Johns Pizza I almost could go either way with this one. It's funny and memorable. But because it blocks the actually view and the door would have to be opened to see who was there, it could backfire and be dangerous.

OOH execution. love that it doesn't need words. often notice billboards that have way too much information to even get noticed when you're driving 80 mph down the highway

The ad is very creative in its demonstration of the uses for duct tape. Here the billboard creates the illusion that it is being held together by the tape itself.

To the guy that criticized Germany

I don't understand why the American wants to call it "soccer" and their American football "football" when the players hold the ball in "hands" most of the time. This black and white ball is called "FOOTBALL"!

Admit it... you really want to stick one in someone's mailbox.

Funny pictures about How to scare your mailman. Oh, and cool pics about How to scare your mailman. Also, How to scare your mailman photos.

Before leaving your hotel room... - The Meta Picture Love the last one!

Before leaving your hotel room…

Fun for April Fools! Several very funny ways to scare the crap out of hotel maids. using laundry.

my life is a constant struggle between wanting to try things, but not wanting to get arrested

Bucket List

how to hack an electronic road sign. I did not need to know this. But now that I do, I think I will go and hack an electronic road sign and say "PICKLES"

The Most Evil Pranks You Could Find On The Internet

The Most Evil Pranks You Could Find On The Internet

doing this to the roommates.

Is your fridge running? This would be a hilarious April Fool's Day joke :) can we do this to our fridge in the apartment?