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"Life is suffering. It is hard. The world is cruel. But still you find reasons to keep living." ~OSA, Princess Mononoke

Life is suffering. It is hard. The world is cursed. But still you find reasons to keep living. Princess Mononoke (my fave of the bunch)

What Studio Ghibli films taught me. Castle in the Sky Grave of the Fireflies My Neighbor Totoro Kiki's Delivery Service Whisper of the Heart Princess Mononoke Spirited Away The Cat Returns Howl's Moving Castle Ponyo Arrietty

things studio ghibli taught me

Things Studio Ghibli Taught Me: Princess Mononoke - Howl's Moving Castle -My Neighbor Totoro - Castle in the Sky - Spirited Away - Ocean Waves - Kiki's Delivery Service - The Cat Returns - Spirited Away

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{Sheeta/INTJ :) } Myers Briggs: Which Studio Ghibli Character Are You? I Ashitaka I haven't watched any Ghibli movies yet but I want to :)

Do you remember these sad and heart-wrenching words of goodbye from sweet little Setsuko of Grave of the Fireflies?

Little Miss Paint Brush

Kiki's delivery service quote hayao Miyazaki

We meet to find our own inspiration, Sometimes, it's not easy. Ursula ( Kiki's Delivery Service) art by Little Miss Paint Brush

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Or just a few cause I've only seen spirited away, totoro, kikis delivery service, ponyo, howls moving castle.