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(1) Missing Brain Mouth Filter

Maybe this doesn't belong on my humor Board, but you know what they say.you laugh because it's true. You should NEVER screw with another woman's husband or family. Noone likes a Fat UGLY DESPERATE Hog FREAK screwing with there life.

Depression is darkness it makes one feel their head is a very dark place. Those who suffer may be attracted to dark things. They need to get to the light. Most can not do it on their own. Most will resist the light too. I know because I've done it to myself. Don't push us we will descend deeper.

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Картинки по запросу black and red aesthetic

Картинки по запросу black and red aesthetic TOP 1 league of legends player

I'll think about it. But I'll tell you if I go. I just want take care of myself no one else problem

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Welcome to hell.

"You saved me" a smile plays across her lips and then is gone quicker than it came "if I'm your salvation, than welcome to hell"

forget everything you know - words aesthetic

We're better friends.