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He sat there, and saw it behind the curtains, on the playful light of the dawn, in the velvet silence that hugged him tenderly

I am not a human , I shouldn't be bothered.. by anything. Then how did they hurt my miserable soul ?

"He looked small compared to Ivan in the mirror, despite there being less than a two-inch difference between them. Ivan was broad. Alfred was lithe.

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Elliot kissing Hayden goodbye in the livingroom while he goes off to the fightclub to make sure everything's running smoothly; he told Hayden that he runs an underground night club, so wouldn't have a clue about Letje's purpose.

∆ Dee laid in bed, arm laying in front of him, hand tilted up slightly. He stared off at it, not really focusing on it, just letting his thoughts roam. He missed Vann. He wants to be back with him. Tell him all about how he really feels about him. "I fucked up," ∆

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