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Foretelling the Future by the Numbers An Introduction to Arithmancy by David Haber

Hermione Granger

Miss Hermione Granger, Harry Potter's Best Friend, Ron Weasley's Girl Friend, And The Best Witch In Her Class At Hogwarts School Of Magic.

1036167 - Si echamos la vista atrás, vemos que los actores de Harry Potter han envejecido mejor que el vino

Haha they put griphook/ prof flitwick played by Warwick Davis twice instead of Serius Black played by Gary Oldman

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Sweet, Dark Hermione Granger

This is Hermione Granger, best friend of Harry Potters through their whole 7 years of Hogwarts. Also best friend of Ron Weasley who she later married. They have 2 children named Rose and Hugo.

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Chapter She felt the tears sliding down her cheeks, but she paid them no mind. It was as if the witch and wizard had read her mind and allayed her deepest fears. They have just shown her that they accept her without reservation.

Harry, Hermione and Ron

Harry, Hermione and Ron, xxx The Chamber of Secrets.

Hermine Granger ~ Harry and Rons best friend

Hermine Granger, Cuz devotion and wisdom is what i specialize in!