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This is hilarious

It sounds like a really Slytherin thing to do. Maybe that's how I, a bookish Slytherin, can get into the Ravenclaw common room for books and aesthetic////// percy jackson as a ravenclaw

What house would I be in if my reaction was, "Mate, you're on your own."

This confirms my house identity: I am firstly a Ravenclaw, then a Gryffindor, a Hufflepuff and lastly a Slytherin

When people don't understand Slytherins.

Had someone I thought was a friend accuse me of being fake because I was acting differently around another group of friends < I'm fairly sure that's just what people DO but sure

I wondered about the recipes he put on the board... This makes me like Snape even more.

Snape the Potions Master. A headcanon about Snape that doesn't make me want to tear my hair out!

Other than if he had been killed because he was in Slytherin...

I like this headcannon, but I think Harry belonged in Gryffindor. He needed to learn to stand up to his bullies, just like Neville did. It gave him courage and independence.

Ilvermony | House Sorting

Please don't compare Hogwarts houses to Ilvermorny houses. Rowling gave us new houses to embrace and learn about and if we're comparing them to Hogwarts it'll defeat the purpose of learning about a new Wizarding school <<<<<<< I'm Horned Serpent

Draco feels

Draco definitely isn't as appreciated as he should be. He's definitely one of my favorite characters, for all this. Not just because Tom Felton portrays him brilliantly in the movies. But read.

I am a Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff and this is scarily accurate.

I am a Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff and this is scarily accurate.-------- I'm a slytherin. I'm friends with two Ravenclaws and a Gryffindor. I say this is accurate about them and I hope they agree that mine's accurate.


The Marauders were definitely McGonagall's favorite students, especially James. Dude may have been a bit arrogant, but he was brilliant at the two things McGonagall loved most - Quidditch and Transfiguration.

Over that the house stereotypes aren't accepted by everyone, but this is adorable :D. (also, 'while everyone was dying was the only ones who protected them' um why do you think they were dying???)

Slytherins protecting first years from other houses (during the final battle). The ONLY way I will ever accept the Slytherin house not fighting.

This is one of the only things I have ever seen that accurately describes my ravenclaw-ishness.

This is one of the only things I have ever seen that accurately describes my ravenclaw-ishness. And I'm a Gryffindor. Well, the Hermione of Gryffindor. But Gryffindor all the same.