It's quite mysterious that me and ShadeofShinon have known each other like... 15 years and even then we don't draw each other. And we are good friends. It's fine for me, our friendship isn't about ...

My half of an art trade with of her character Nova. as soon as I saw her name, I knew I had to do something space themed >u< I'm really happy with how this came out although I'm too sure abou.

Do you know who I am? by on @DeviantArt

Blushing- a flirty, pretty, and introverted summer pack wolf.

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Fox print - Fox Canvas - Fox art - Fox painting - Elegant Fox decor - Fox wall art - Blue Wall Art - woodland art - Gift Idea for Him

Comission art for my friend from roleplay It was a very long job. I could not focus, to come up with a good story and make the background. Art-unit made itself felt. But I& pleased with the result.