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Appreciate the contrast. Relax. Trust. Be easy about it. Allow.

Abraham Hicks Quote - Allowing means it's done, it's been given, and in my allowing of it ~ in my receiving of it - I'm giving back.

well, thank you, Carl Jung ... omfg ... clear? are you kidding? CLEAR??? omfg ... clear ... what a fantasy .......

The dinghy Kila, Maro, Delia, and Geiel take to meet the orcs and scounts, the…


Keep your focus on how you want to feel and let the Universe fill in the details ~ Abraham-Hicks Quote Más

Don't forget about the pass. But, let's make a fresh start!

Our words exactly the moment we reconnected. A new beginning, a better understanding on how to love each other the way we should have all those years ago. You live and learn and if you are really lucky.you get that chance to make it right again.


Esther Hicks: "Tell the story of your life as you now want it to be, not how it has been or how it is.

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