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That Battlefield-moment

That Battlefield-moment

I ain't even mad.

I Think Everything Ended Well Enough

that doesn't matter! he killed hundreds of innocents and jedi! Jedi are a little bit hypocritical; they say they want to keep the force balanced but just want to destroy the sith. That doesn't sound like balance to me.

When someone mentions Star Wars

yep this is totally me . and if I hear the star wars theme song I come running. Or any star wars theme period.

Traitor! #startwars That's SO Geekin' Awesome! http://www.sogeekinawesome.com

the loyal stormtrooper.and Mark Hamill, King Awesome.live long and prosper, Luke.

This has happened to me before. Its eithee skill, or lag is on ny side which makes it look like i hacked *cough* minecraft *cough*

Gaming skills be like.Gamer Skills Aimbot Counter Strike Global Offensive Call of Duty Black Ops III