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I can't be the only one who thought about it

I can't be the only one who thought about it

Cramped TARDIS selfie!

Quite possibly the best selfie ever

12 and Clara goodbye

I literally cried at this part. Forgetting has always been the worst thing that can happen, in my mind. When Donna forgot I was so upset. When I thought Clara was going to forget, that was horrible. But when the Doctor forgot?

lol Matt Smith<3

"The Running Look" - Somehow looks much cooler when in Time Lord mode. It's definitely the now tie.

I LOVED having Donna's grandfather in the episodes, I thought he was great! <=Until the very end. I have mixed feelings about Wilfred in the end. I hate him because Ten couldnt help not helping him but at the same time I cant really hate him because it wasnt really his fault either.

"I love the dynamic between the Doctor and Wilf. Wilf sees him as a young man, maybe a nephew or grandson, but the Doctor sees Wilf the same way.

Matt Smith commenting on his facial expression at the end of the Day of the Doctor. He is too adorable for his own good.

Matt Smith commenting on his facial expression during his regeneration in Time of the Doctor

Re-quoted in Doctor Who theme.

The one who regrets, the one who forgets, and the one who made a surprise early guest appearance that they still haven't explained

He's like a 5 year old. (he's like their five year old) The Ponds DID get to raise a kid <--yep XD

Saw both these episodes today

Go poke it with a stick. (Insert supernatural gif) Dude you're not gonna poke her with a stick!

Yass Doctor Who

The Tenth and Eleventh Doctors confuse the polarity Eleven: “Reverse the polarity!” Eleven: “It’s not working.” Ten: “We’re both reversing the polarity.” Eleven: “Yes, I know that.” Ten: “There’s two.