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This photo is so adorable, a guinea pig and a kitten are the best of buds! Even though the kitten uses the guinea pig for a pillow!

Denim is a great look for any cat - Stylish Cats With Wardrobes That Will Make You Jealous

The Hissfits (going on tour this Fall)

The Hissfits (going on tour this Fall) Tap the link for an awesome selection cat and kitten products for your feline companion!

Does this recline?

Does this recline?

Uh-oh - - I think they're coming home.  Better get out of the blinds!

Mom supervising - a little mini-me! Before we adopted our second cat (rescue from foster home), I'm so glad we got to see him with his mom. He looks exactly like his mom. Although now I wish we'd brought his mom home with us too. They were so connected.

Cat Lorenzo Photographer Joan Biondi

A freelance writer turned photographer, Joan Biondi adopted a cat that was left for dead in a garbage can—she soon realized that her new.

Broculi Spanish joke from SpanishPlans.org

Kitty-Cat: "This is my happy Friday face, ending the week's rat-race; I'm now off to an imaginary place, to live life at a slower, relaxed pace." (Short Poem Written By: Lynn Chateau © )

Deviantart user Frikibunny8 made this tribute to some of the internet's most famous cats!

The Cats of the Internet

It's an homage to the famous internet cats that I love so much Homage to the cats

Winter cat❤ - Ingrid - Google+

Winter cat❤ - Ingrid - Google+