“Flower Girls” by Irina Bordo for Fashion Gone Rogue

"Flower Girls" by Irina Bordo for

"Flower Girls" by Irina Bordo for Fashion Gone Rogue by queen pink 1981

“Flower Girls” by Irina Bordo for Fashion Gone Rogue Photographer: Irina Bordo Stylist: Ekaterina Pavelko Set Designer: Marusya Borisova-Sevastyanova Makeup Artists: Olga Glazunova and Alena.

Alexa by Anne Combaz in Geeklandia for Fashion Gone Rogue

Alexa by Anne Combaz in 'Geeklandia' for

Sam McKnight's Statement Hair Chanel To evoke Karl Lagerfeld's underwater theme, McKnight fashioned pearl-adorned chignons: "I wanted it to look as if the girl had just risen from the sea." McKnight, Pantene Pro-V's global stylist, combed a mix of mousse and conditioner into hair, gathering lengths at the nape, then twisted them into a bun and secured it with pins.

Hair Products That Make a Statement

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Siv is the to be bride of Asa, she is a healer and fighter in the tribe. She is very close to her friend Ylva.

Iria Gazania -- "I do not want feeble men groveling at my feet," The tip of her blade tilted his chin up towards her.

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For all girls and boys who are proud of natural curly hair and appreciate this lovely hairstyle. "Beautiful curls are the result of accepting your curls, working with them, and being.

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