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"Le'jin'dary" God I can't get enough of Jimin's dad jokes😆😆😆

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Jin's Dad Jokes always gets me! That's a good pun there!

Only Seokjin would do this

I actually had to think for a second for this one

most of the pins on this board are puns so if yuo want some nice puns to tell your friends look on my bts board

Jin's dad jokes tho <<< dark humor is best humor XD lol jk

Hahahahahahahhaha this is actually funny , i know for a fact i would laugh @ all of Jin's dad jokes

Bahahahaha I'm dying lol BTS <<< tag urselfff im Jin

I love everyone is done with Jin's dad jokes, but I'm over here cracking bc he actually thinks they are funny 😂

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Omg I started dying in class and my friend read it and looked at me and just shook her head