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- GO VEGAN - For the animals For your health For the environment For your mind & For your soul Definition: Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude as far as is possible and practicable al

if you cant handle seeing it, you shouldnt be eating it or supporting it.

Please don't turn a blind eye. Closed minds cause the loss of innocent lives. Veganism is not just about a diet, it's a cruelty-free lifestyle, why finance animal cruelty? about the meat industry

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Eating animal products is literally paying people to hurt animals for you. It is directly funding animal cruelty.

Vegan Meme Philosoraptor

Vegan Meme Philosoraptor - Why do we grow crops to feed to the animals we eat when we could just eat the crops?

When someone asks you for vegan recipes but you just throw random plants together and fucking love it / vegan meme / vegan humor / vegan lifestyle / veganism

does happen sometimes. Lol, but I also do got actual vegan recipes I could give too. Got to save this meme!

Know the truth. Please be their voice. Please don't finance heartbreaking violent animal industry's cruelties. Please help me save the Animals

The human body has no need for animal products. Billions of animals are killed every year.due to powerful, profit-driven industries telling us that we need their products in order to be healthy.

Citations - La Starch Solution du Dr. McDougall en français

Casein from cows' milk = cancer according to Dr. T Colin Campbell. Does raw milk have casein? I think you have your answer!