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k project funny - „Google“ paieška

The funny thing is, izaya is standing in the background 😂

and people still hate on the dub even when you have gold like this

APH China English Dub So true china does get some of the best lines <----- Yeahhhh XD. Pretty sure I already posted something like this, but there are more lines this time China is awesome

Hahah, that ship didn't sail || oh my god I can't I just can't even

I understand Asexual, although most wish it too be an excuse to keep his heart hidden away.

/Durarara!!/#643242 - Zerochan

xDDD omfg that'd be scary, Shizu-chan u weirdo/dork XD this WOULD be scary- even for Izaya

I Hate It When You Walk Outside and Someone Randomly Throws a Fridge At You | Durarara's Heiwajima Shizuo


Shizuo you throw them to show the doubters! <<it isint a refrigerator it a snack machine

Okay, kudos to you for Licht and Lawless. But where are Kurapika and Leorio?

Yuu & Mika (Owari no Seraph), Naruto & Sasuke (Naruto), Armin & Eren (Shingeki no Kyojin), Izaya & Shizuo (Durarara), Yukine & Yato (Noragami) & Licht & Lawless (Servamp)