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Baking Bad: cook your own edible Crystals Radio Times

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Alton wearing a bowler hat and trying to look dapper.

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❁ ☾pinterest | alexislee17

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*replaces science with history facts*

moodboard: andrew minyard ↳ “Your parents are dead, you are not fine, and nothing is going to be okay.

Hinojate @hellocarlossaez  by pepasalazar

Hinojate 💦 by pepasalazar

Walter White, Black Mirror, Crybaby, Breaking Bad, Alice Liddell, Scp, Teen Wolf, Diabolik Lovers, Sweet Dreams

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Pinterest: Javi Kassens ↠

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million dollar bills

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✩ pinterest: theweirdearthen ✩


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the yellow river : ZHANG KECHUN

Из серии The Yellow River Surging Northward Thunderously

Ace: hey, maybe you should stop doing so many drugs? Kitty: or maybe this! *does drugs harder*

kaushik and chung hee



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dangerous, drugs, fillers - blue and backgrounds