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photo by nordin seruyan

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Southern Hawker dragonfly

Southern Hawker dragonfly-- Notice the immense variation form other dragon flies.

The feather-horned beetle looks like it would get excellent radio reception with its huge, fan-like anntenae used to locate females ready to mate!

Feather Horned Beetle with Long Bushy 'Eyebrows'(Rhipicera femorata): Males use their fantastic (hah!) antennae to locate a female feather-horned beetle that’s emitting pheromones which indicate she is ready for mating. Photo by ron_and_beth.


Nemopteridae or Spoonwing. An exclusively floral diet, preferring to fly in open spaces in full sunshine while visiting flowers. They can be recognized by their very long hind wing prolongations. By Jo Williams


'I wish I was a little bit taller!' by kees straver (or "tippy toes") :)

swansong-willows: (via Pinterest)

Incredibly beautiful - ♥ dew laden dragon fly and spider web look like they've been festooned with diamonds

dragonfly = renewal, harmony, sense of self, change, beauty, prosperity, strength, peace :)

My name is Jeannie, and my favorite color is aqua. It makes me feel like summer when I wear it, and it always reminds me of the beautiful sea which to me is "Serenity" at its finest! I track the tag, "aquaserene".

Dragonfly & Red Roses

♈ Dragonfly Versailles ♈ dragonflies in art, photography, jewelry, crafts, home & garden decor - dragonfly


Photographer David Chambon has been working on an awesome series of photos featuring insects so thoroughly covered in morning dew, they appear to have been bejeweled. Visit Colossal to view more examples of David Chambon’s beautiful work and then head ove