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Figure Skating

My one athletic dream is to become a good (recreational) figure skater! Of course, I started too late to advance much (i. jumps and spins).


Iceskating is one of my most favorite things to do! I remember the first time i went iceskating.

It's funny because whenever my relatives ask me how good I can skate they're all like can you go backwards and I'm just like yep I can go backwards it's not that hard

So many public skaters just start screaming, "I can skate backwards! I just like start doing backwards crossovers like, "Me too!

Ice skating girls Delft, The Netherlands. Reminds me of skating the creek by my Aunt's house - great adventure!

Ice skating girls Delft, The Netherlands. Reminds me of ice skating in Rhode Island down at the clam bake!

Now I'm lying on the cold hard ground.I knew u were trouble when u walked in

At my rink when I go to an open skate (instead of freestyle) they have a playlist and this song is on it so when this part comes I like to fall on purpose.