How the bloody heck is it cold in the scorch? Don't care as long as newt is there I'm fine

Awww <--- Just... I just can't handle all these cuteness

Rebecca: calm down Newt Aris just a friend we were in the same maze as each other Newt: he was flirting with you Aris: so what if i was Rebecca: aris i have a boyfriend so please dont try this again sorry Aris: whatever *walks away*


I would go in shock well probably not shock but disbelief. Then I'd ask seriously on a good tone and if he says yes then I'd tell him I love him too cause I really would


Deal with it bro! (Sorry I do like him just not as much as I like Thomas)<< which Thomas? The one who plays newt, Newt, Dylan Brien, or Thomas the A actual character?

Don't worry won't ever happen in Strange World....

x QOTD: What are your favourite TV shows? x AOTD: Criminal Minds, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and Sherlock Holmes ☺❤ x