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I sketched those on GIMP during April 2015, then I forgot about it; I finished the line recently ^^ Enjoy!

This artwork is a commission : Armored Mewtwo artwork in official style;


I've never really understood why some pokémon only have 2 evolutions instead of 3

Pre-Reveal Art of Mewtwo Forme by Xous54.deviantart.com on @deviantART

A piece of art I made of Mega Mewtwo Y way back before we knew what it was. Based off a not-so-clear leaked image, some of the details were bound to be . Pre-Reveal Art of Mega Mewtwo Y

Mew & Mewtwo By Itsbirdy

Fun drawing sesh to say the least. I made sure was a little plump and that just stayed himself =]. Pokédex entries and