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Bloody Painter cosplay by suzukoelric

Dream 'n' reality

Dream vs Reality by on deviantART poor guy.

Never joke about kidneys with EJ XD

Eyeless Jack & Jeff the Killer

Thanks for my 1000 watchers part 2 by Chibi-Works.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Wonna join my church?


I sang this to the tune of the fun song in spongebob somethings wrong with me


Jeff the killer///Jeff feels.

Toby and Bloody Painter .

Fluffle Flop by Thunderhawk03 on deviantART <----- IT'S SO PINK AND FLUFFY

I just wanted to make something totally random, something totally stupid as my last thing in (And I wanted to draw Fluffle Puff as well) And who can Flop the best? Of course Fluffle Puff, she.

Surgeon Simulator 2013 Mini Comic by SUCHanARTIST13 on deviantART

Surgeon Simulator 2013 Mini Comic by

Happy Halloween, Jeff the Killer, Eyeless Jack, Sally, Ticci Toby, Bloody Painter, text, sad, comic, kids, children, funny, Liu, grave, costumes, outfits; Creepypasta

Bloody Painter 2014 Halloween comics by DeluCat

Im perfectly fine....

Creepypasta - broken glass by three days grace

Natsu would make such a cute daddy


Aww look at that baby CX Nalu, sleeping

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~Hehehe bring it on Timothy hahaha Toby xD Poor Masky xD

Those damn onions...

Jeff the killer \ Slenderman

Play with me....FOREVER.  Fan Girls: omg yes! -they die- Me: ....NEVER!! HAHAHAHAHAH -runs away-

Ehi Togheteeer I made this new fan art of an italian Creepypasta: Jason The ToyMaker by it's just awesome that CreepyPasta &nbs. Jason The ToyMaker -FanArt