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The Doctor and Rose Tyler - The Oncoming Storm and the Bad Wolf

Doctor Who 4x06 - The Doctor's Daughter

The Doctor's Daughter. Also another Doctor's real life daughter. And this Doctor's real life wife and mother of his children. Doctor Who fandom is fantastic, isn't it? Our reality is other people's fiction.

And this is why people should be nice to the "strange" kids. They may grow up to be the next David freekingadorable Tennant

David Tennant, I love you. I'm also an awkward geek.

The look on her face 'cause she knows there's no denying that crap. We all had the same look, and we sure weren't denying it either.

The look on her face 'cause she knows there's no denying it. We all had the same look on our faces, LOL

River protects her dad

"Father and Daughter moment, river shot a monster because her father was scared.

one does not simply explain Doctor Who

Jogadores fazem piada com problemas de Diablo 3