Red Whiskered Bulbul

I just can't resist uploading this cute Red Whiskered Bulbul (Pycnonotus jocosus).

Black-backed Kingfisher ~~~  (Alan Ng 2014)

The Oriental dwarf kingfisher also known as the black-backed kingfisher or three-toed kingfisher is a species of bird in the Alcedinidae family.


Blue-and-yellow Macaw (Ara ararauna). Photo was taken in 2010 at the WeltVogelPark Walsrode, Germany. The photo was very greenish and pale, because it w. Blue-and-yellow Wave

Red-whiskered Bulbul | Red-whiskered Bulbul (Pycnonotus jocosus) a couple perching

The Red-whiskered Bulbul (Pycnonotus jocosus) is a passerine bird found in Asia. It is a member of the bulbul family. It is a resident frugivore found mainly in tropical Asia.

Red-whiskered Bulbul photo: A bird streaching the wing | the ...

Red-whiskered Bulbul (Pycnonotus jocosus) A bird streaching the wing

Crested Bunting

The Crested Bunting (Melophus lathami) is a species of bird in the Emberizidae family, from South and Southeast Asia.

Brazilian Tanager

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Male Crimson Breasted Shrike

Male Crimson Breasted Shrike