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paint tool sai art - Szukaj w Google

paint tool sai art - Szukaj w Google

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Paint Tool Sai brushes

lalondite said: hi you probably get asked this all the time im so sorry but what are you brush settings? your lines and your style and the way you colour/shade is absolutely stunning i have.

Paint Tool Sai brushes

aaaaa can i ask what your pen brush settings are.



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Resultado de imagen de tumblr inline brush sai settings

ur amazing artist and ur art is sooo great gosh * u * I was wondering which programms do u use for ur art and what brush settings?

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i was wondering where you got the brush settings for ur rlly rad sketches? uvu Answer: They’re from a pencil brush I made :) !

Paint Tool Sai Tutorial, Art Brush, Brush Set, Sai Brushes, Outline Art, Anatomy Tutorial, Character Design References, Art Reference, Art Tips

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Lineart brush settings by Silvyen

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Barriss Offee Deserved Better : hello I have a new brush for line art :^)

what program/brushes do you use?

Magic marker Settings by GingerQuin on DeviantArt

This is my sketching and sometime background painting Marker tool settings Magic marker Settings

Paint Tool Sai brushes

Paint Tool Sai brushes

Pencil brush for Sai

Crayon Settings by ayashige-doodles