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transparent coloured blocks

Vasa Velizar Mihich Work from his oeuvre. "A senior Professor of Design at the University of California, Los Angeles, Vasa is an innovative,

http://chameleonlab.nl/portfolio-item/media-plaza-utrecht/ Media Plaza Utrecht

http://chameleonlab.nl/portfolio-item/media-plaza-utrecht/ Media Plaza Utrecht


andrewbmyers: So many noses and fine perfumes for Surface magazine

pieter vermeersch

pieter vermeersch

About the Golden Ratio: The Golden Ratio can be illustrated within special dimensions of Sprials, Triangles and Rectangles  where the ratio of the length of the short side to the long side is .618, was noted by ancient Greek architects as the most visually pleasing rectangle and its dimensions were used to construct buildings such as the Parthenon.

The golden triangle is used to form a logarithmic spiral . By bisecting the base angles, a new point is created that in turn, makes another golden triangle.

Nozomi Sushi Bar | Masquespacio

Built by Masquespacio in Valencia, Spain with date Images by David Rodríguez y Carlos Huecas . Spanish creative consultancy Masquespacio present their last project Nozomi Sushi Bar. The project realized in Valenc.


Cinimod Studio is an experiential, award-winning, multi-disciplinary design studio based in London, which specialises in the fusion of architecture, lighting and interactive design.