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There's a difference between immigration & invasion

There is a difference between immigration and invasion! Close the southern borders and enforce our laws. No illegal immigration.


The "New" Civil Rights Movement. Not a single American Flag in the later picture, with Obama in the lead.

Kinda sad

haha this is so true :). my hubby is an infantry officer :) and he does tell me he can fall asleep any where and use anything for a pillow lol

Baltimore Police employing next-level tactics from South Park

People need to realize that police matter. They need to realize that if there were no police, they wouldn't now what to do. The media is just focusing on the mistakes that they make, everyone makes mistakes. The police do a lot for us!

"Schools Offer ‘Safe Spaces’ to Combat ‘Toxic Masculinity’" by Anthony Gockowski “Several universities are taking advantage of the new.