Lucy and Bob Hope.

25 Rare Photos Of "I Love Lucy" In Color

On set photo with Bob Hope from “Lucy Meets Bob Hope” episode Was Lucille Ball mind controlled? Bob Hope owned mind control slave Brice Taylor.

In 1986, Desi Arnaz died of lung cancer in his Del Mar home, which he had received in the divorce decree 27 years earlier.   “She visited him in Del Mar a week before he died,” Asher reveals. “By this time his ailments included emphysemia and the colostomy he’d had for a couple of years. Desi was out of it, disoriented. When it came time for Lucy to leave, Desi said, ‘Where are you going?’ “I’m going home,” Lucy responded.  “You are home,” Desi said.

Awe Lucy and Desi share a kiss after the divorce at the Facts of Life press conference in

lucy & mary wickes

I Love Lucy. "The Ballet" - One of my favorite episodes. And a one and a two a three a four a five a six a seven-eight.

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Very nicely done. not every can add so much rich color yet make it seem so realistic and natural. Awesome work by whomever the artist is who did this. lucydesi: Lucy on the phone colorized.

I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy Day

Lucille Ball, 1944 - Photos - NEWS' rare color celebrity photos

"Ethel and Fred Mertz" | Publicity Photo of Vivian Vance and William Frawley for "I Love Lucy"

The lovable Mertzes, Ethel & Fred on I Love Lucy.Played by Vivian Vance & William Frawley, their on-screen chemistry was just great.