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Ever thought of how you will be like in an anime ? Take the quiz to find out :) (Long answers ;

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I love the way the wind whips through your hair, Unabashedly, And closer than I dare

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Hayden at the age of looked so different then he does now.Black hair,more bluer eyes,he was more paler,and lots of other stuff.He smoking,ohhhhhhhhh.

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Kuro (Prince Herscherik and the Kingdom of Sorrow), black hair, red eyes

Seeing him like this , doesn't it just make you wanna kill him? Ahaha or is it just me.

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Makoto and Haruhi Fujioka are the beloved twins daughters of Ryoji " Ranka" Fujioka and Kotoko Fujioka. Makoto is older than Haruhi by five minutes.