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To have this to wake up to and have breakfast in the morning.oh the dream. Talk about IDEAL vacation. Or life.

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Wallpaper dump

lakeside bonfires my favorite thing to do on summer nights with a crown/ginger please

Island beautiful landscapes

25 photos époustouflantes qui vous donneront envie de partir en Islande


Alaska Camping View, can you imagine? Maybe Alaska is too cold but still

Sometime rivers of life may lead to uncertain places that are usually very foggy at first. But if you continue to go on, you will discover something of significance that humanity has not yet grasped. By Caster Mtwale

smoke fog of the Pennsylvania Mountains or canoe on Vancouver Island or mist of the lowlands of South Carolina or squals off L. Huron in Winter

I'd lost the ability. I just wanted to jump after them. All the bones in my body were screaming for the weightlessness of the sky, to fly. But I knew it was no longer possible.

When I imagine him, I imagine him travelling to the far reaches of the world just to see a flock of birds in flight.

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Taken inside Chile's Torres del Paine National Park. These spectacular Mountains are known as the Cordillera del Paine Towers. The National Park is 2400 km and declared a Biosphere by UNESCO in Chile February 2009