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Movie Ginny was done really badly, I must say, nothing like the Book Ginny we all love

Draco and Harry :)

All Draco wanted was to be part of this "cool" group, like his father. Only, less evil

I'm Peggy Sue part 137 - Album on Imgur

I'm Peggy Sue part 137

This post most definitely proves that I'm a slytherin with a lot of ravenclaw in me coz of times I can make people think that I'm the sweetest hufflepuff they'll ever find

Lucius Malfoy is the Harry Potter equivalent of a school board mom. He even has the foreign exchange student.

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And finally, the struggles of this very obvious Slytherin/// lol i’m a hufflepuff and my friend hadn’t taken the quiz ever and i was like if you’re not a slytherin then i’m a fucking walnut and she got slytherin and it was the happiest moment of my life

This is actually quite true.

I'm not posting this to diss sirius because he was a very important and definite father figure to harry--and i freakin love Sirius but people always forget that Hagrid and Remus also took care of harry and loved him

"I hate people" "you're a person" "yes but I'm literally better"  ahaha dying

i thought this was amusing but one of those dumb inaccurate things. but then I got to Hufflepuff and holy cow it is so true for me << SAME. Everything in Ravenclaw and about of Slytherin is SO true for me.

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The last comment tho...

The last comment tho. don't mind that shattering sound, it was just my heart.

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God, I've had this headcanon for years - muggleborns doing ridiculously dangerous parkour stunts without their wands on them to prove to pureblood assholes that muggle things are freaking awesome

I mustn't tell lies

I'm so used to Supernatural shit while scrolling that I thought, "Fuck! What kind of hunter would be dumb enough to marry a witch? But then I thought, 'Hey, that's not nice. Garth's a werewolf and he's doing alright.