45 artists illustrated every song in Hamilton, and the results are stunning

Eliza, her hair in front of her face, looks forlornly at the letter Hamilton left behind for her. On his desk a solitary candle burns.

It's okay I didn't need my heart anyway

"Don’t mind me, I’m just over here in a trash pile of Hamilton feels, and also my 10 dollar bills. Join my suffering " - Stay Alive (Reprise) Art (Eliza, Alexander, and Philip Hamilton)

Vanessa and Ethan, Penny Dreadful fanart. "Bring me your suffering. The rattle-roar of broken bones. Bring me the riot in your heart. Angry, wild and raw. I am not afraid of the dark.


Burning the letters that might have redeemed you! I needed to make another pre-commission sample for ECCC, so I drew my girl Eliza. I still have a couple slots left, so email.

Hamiltines! #hamilton #valentines

“Hamiltines” Are the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for the Hamilton Fan in Your Life

These Hamilton Valentines, aka “Hamiltines,” are the perfect gift for the Hamilton fan in your life.

god i hope you’re satisfied


spookydraws: god i hope you’re satisfied you better sleep with one eye open tonight alex - that look of rage on her face! Better run for cover Ham she's out for murder

Stay Alive Reprise #ham4pamphlet

Lin-Manuel Miranda on

Stay Alive Reprise --- *sound of my heart shattering into a bazillion different pieces that scatter throughout time and space*

If Philip and Theodosia had gotten married<>< Don't start another war at the table, Hamilton

If Philip and Theodosia had gotten married<<<omg and in that case hamilton and burr would be related by blood and that is amazing and i just want to see that SO BADLYYYYYY DAMN NOW I HAVE TO SHIP IT